2019-02-16: Detail of a decorative grille at the entrance to the Carbide and Carbon Building, Chicago.

2019-02-16: Out shooting the Carbide and Carbon Building today in downtown Chicago. One of a handful of …

2019-02-14: And another good oak. We have an abundance of oaks here in Riverside, Illinois.

2019-02-14: A good oak, autumn.

2019-02-14: An icy sycamore in Riverside, Illinois

2019-02-12: A little more ice in Riverside, Illinois—no filter.

2019-02-12: A little ice storm in Riverside, Illinois

2019-02-11: The Altar at the Monastery of the Holy Cross in Chicago.

2019-02-11: The vaulted ceiling and apse of the former Church of the Immaculate Conception (a German Catholic …

2019-02-11: Seen in Chicago’s old Bridgeport neighborhood, a 1920s-era drugstore sign, still extant.

2019-02-04: Geese on the Des Plaines river, early morning.

2019-02-02: A drawing from 2018.

2019-02-02: Sunrise on tracks. Riverside, Illinois.

2019-02-01: People-watching at the train station. I liked the shocking red hair.

2019-02-01: Winter reflected in a tabletop.

2019-02-01: A bit of color on a wintry day.

2019-01-29: Let’s step away from winter for a bit, and look at sunlight shining on sprinkler water.

2019-01-28: Early morning sky, summer. Riverside, Illinois

2019-01-28: The wicked witch of the West is under there somewhere.

2019-01-27: Face to face with a buck—what luck! I was out shooting autumn photos and turned around to find a …

2019-01-26: Meanwhile…back at the car show.

2019-01-26: From the Riverside Fourth of July parade three years ago.

2019-01-25: Seen one morning in downtown Chicago, it must have been “Take your Boeing to work” day.

2019-01-25: Fog over the Des Plaines river at Riverside, Illinois.

2019-01-24: I call this the “St. Louis Arch Building” though it’s firmly placed on the banks …

2019-01-24: Downtown Chicago is rather overbuilt, in my opinion. I like this shot of 333 West Wacker Drive on …

2019-01-24: It’s almost that time of the year for hot cross buns! I’ve made dozens of them in years …

2019-01-24: Challah.

2019-01-24: Restored concourse ceiling, Chicago Union Station.

2019-01-20: Early morning near the train station, Riverside, Illinois.

2019-01-20: Large oak near the library, Riverside, Illinois

2019-01-19: Snow day, Riverside, Illinois

2019-01-19: Churchyard, Winston-Salem, North Carolina.

2019-01-19: In the summer months there is a small classic car exhibition on Riverside’s main commerical …

2019-01-19: The suspension bridge over the Des Plaines river at Riverside. People here refer to it as the …

2019-01-19: The Des Plaines river at Riverside, Illinois, August.

2019-01-18: Hen Mallard with young.

2019-01-18: Bleeding hearts.

2019-01-18: The slate roof of the Arcade Building, Riverside, Illinois.

2019-01-17: Leaves in black and white.

2019-01-17: Interesting clouds—very painterly.

2019-01-17: Oak leaf hydrangea, autumn phase.

2019-01-17: Morning fog on Longcommon Road, Riverside, Illinois.

2019-01-17: Autumn sunrise on the DesPlaines river at Riverside, Illinois.

2019-01-15: Seen at O’Hare.

2019-01-15: The tower with moon.

2019-01-11: Mist over the Des Plaines river at Riverside.

2019-01-10: Oak leaf cluster on walkway.

2019-01-09: More water tanks, downtown Chicago.

2019-01-09: This is from a series of water tank drawings I did in hope of doing a book of them. An odd subject, …

2019-01-08: The people-watching at Union Station is also quite good and has inspired a few drawings. Not sure …

2019-01-08: Seen on a recent trip to Iowa. Nothing says “Iowa” better than silos, although most …

2019-01-06: A leaf covered in frost in a gutter in Riverside, Illinois. I have thousands of photos in my …

2019-01-06: A good man.

2019-01-06: On a visit to the Art Institute I encountered this fellow, transfixed by the Sargent portrait of …

2019-01-06: Animal feet are so interesting—so much variety. I took a few minutes out to sketch some of my …

2019-01-06: On one of my morning walks this week, I spied an oak tree wearing a tutu. Just one of the …